Amagoh Dorpers

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Welcome to Amagoh Dorpers

Amagoh Dorpers Stud is located in Machakos County on Kangundo Road approximately 55 kms from Nairobi Central Business District.
We are registered members of the Dorper Sheep Breeders Society of Kenya. Our Breeding Sires and selected Breeding Ewes are registered with the Kenya Stud Book. This is to ensure that our Stud adheres and maintains to the highest standards of the breed in Kenya.

We produce sale rams for both stud farmers looking at upgrading their flock and for the lamb meat business. Our young rams are raised extensively on free range pasture and are not given any additional feed until they start the preparation stage for sale. The young ewes are bred at 10 months.
Our aim is to breed for excellence – Excellent conformation, Excellent natural coping ability as well as Excellent meat characteristics. Our animals need to grow fast and in order for us to do this, we select for this excellent characteristic.


Some Interesting Facts

The Dorper sheep was developed in the 1930’s by the Department of Agriculture of South Africa when they did a crossing with a Dorset Horn Ram and Blackhead Persian ewes.

After the First World War, increased interest developed in South Africa in crossing indigenous sheep, like the Persian and Merino with British mutton breed rams. The precise reason for this phenomenon is not clear. As a result of circumstances such as the depression, surplus mutton and the slump in wool prices in the early 30’s, the exporting of mutton and lamb received more attention.

To the English market the fat-tail type sheep were both strange and new and according to their system of grading not desirable. A need originated for a fairly good mutton sheep which could produce fast growing lambs on veld conditions with a good quality carcass. In the Western Cape, a prerequisite was that the ewes must be rutting in November-December in order to lamb from April.

In the Karoo areas, the aim was to replace the fat-tail types with a breed with a more acceptable carcass. The initial need was to produce a sheep breed suitable to the demanding low rainfall areas of the Northern Province. A relatively easy care sheep with an acceptable meat carcass had to be found for these difficult circumstances.


Stud Philosophy

A bright future for Kenyan agriculture – We believe in the future of Kenyan agriculture and primarily the role that the Dorper breed can play in providing tangible commercial opportunities for dorper breeders.
Commercial perspective – Amagoh Dorper stud is focused on producing rams for sale that generate outstanding practical and economic outcomes, now and over time, for our customers in both their stud breeding and commercial lamb meat businesses.
Expert advice – We surround ourselves with, and take advice from people who are experts in their field and whom share a common vision for the Dorper breed in Kenya.
Our role as a Dorper stud – As a Dorper stud, our job is to produce animals that meet the breed standard and therefore can generate all of the benefits that the breed was developed to deliver.
Our purpose as a business – Our reason for being is to provide quality animals and sound, honest and reliable service to our customers to help them realize the best possible return on their investment in the animals we sell.
Amagoh Dorpers breeding principles – Although we understand, appreciate and respect the value of Dorpers in a terminal breeding program, we use the following facts to guide our stud breeding decisions.