About us

About us


Our Story

Amagoh Dorpers Stud is located in Machakos County on Kangundo Road approximately 55 kms from Nairobi Central Business District.

We are registered members of the Dorper Sheep Breeders Society of Kenya. Our Breeding Sires and selected Breeding Ewes are registered with the Kenya Stud Book. This is to ensure that our Stud adheres and maintains to the highest standards of the breed in Kenya.

We produce sale rams for both stud farmers looking at upgrading their flock and for the lamb meat business. Our young rams are raised extensively on free range pasture and are not given any additional feed until they start the preparation stage for sale. The young ewes are bred at 10 months.

Our aim is to breed for excellence – Excellent conformation, Excellent natural coping ability as well as Excellent meat characteristics. Our animals need to grow fast and in order for us to do this, we select for this excellent characteristic.



Our Mission

  1. To do our best at all times to make a positive contribution to the development of the Dorper breed in Kenya.
  2. To make a positive contribution to the stud and commercial Dorper breeders’ community.
  3. To serve and strengthen our Dorper Sheep Breeders Society of Kenya.

Our Core Values

  1. We will continue the use of the best genetic material available to us in order to increase our own and our clients’ flock performance profitability.
  2. We will endeavor to build linkages with all our customers , both nationally and internationally by always placing their interests above our own.
  3. We submit willingly to the rules of the Dorper Sheep Breeders society of Kenya and the Kenya Stud Book and pledge to operate and manage our stud within those rules.
  4. We will continue to preserve and enhance the land for the natural flora and fauna , for the generations that will farm here after we have passed on.
  5. As employers we believe in fairness, justice and respect, and we will always treat our employees and their families in our service to these values whereas we train, equip and develop everyone to their own benefit as well as that of Amagoh Dorper Stud.

Our Breeding Objectives

To provide stud and commercial breeders breeding stock which posses :

  1. High Fertility
  2. Fast Growth Weight
  3. High Adaptability
  4. Excellent Mothering ability
  5. Perfect Balance and Conformity