Stud Philosophy

A bright future for Kenyan agriculture – We believe in the future of Kenyan agriculture and primarily the role that the Dorper breed can play in providing tangible commercial opportunities for dorper breeders.


Commercial perspective – Amagoh Dorper stud is focused on producing rams for sale that generate outstanding practical and economic outcomes, now and over time, for our customers in both their stud breeding and commercial lamb meat businesses.


Expert advice – We surround ourselves with, and take advice from people who are experts in their field and whom share a common vision for the Dorper breed in Kenya.


Our role as a Dorper stud – As a Dorper stud, our job is to produce animals that meet the breed standard and therefore can generate all of the benefits that the breed was developed to deliver.


Our purpose as a business – Our reason for being is to provide quality animals and sound, honest and reliable service to our customers to help them realize the best possible return on their investment in the animals we sell.


Amagoh Dorpers breeding principles – Although we understand, appreciate and respect the value of Dorpers in a terminal breeding program, we use the following facts to guide our stud breeding decisions.


  • Dorpers are a maternal breed.
  • A Dorper flock is a self-replacing flock.
  • Good quality breeding ewes are the key to any Stud or lamb meat production enterprise.
  • A good Dorper ram is one that is still structurally sound and performing well at 5+ years of age and whose ewe offspring are structurally sound and still performing well at the same age.


Lessons we’ve learned about the art and science of stud breeding

  • It takes a balanced blend of art and science to breed rams that can take a flock forward in terms of current and future productivity.
  • Nothing can replace years of experience except the willingness to learn from those who have the experience and who have demonstrated success in the art of breeding for commercial outcomes.
  • Diligence, patience and perseverance are prerequisites for breeding quality stud animals on a consistent basis.
  • There is no such thing as the perfect animal….yet!